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Family Owned & Operated

A Dog’s Life HTX wants to make all pets feel safe, happy, & at home while their parents are away at work or on vacation. We specialize in dog walking, pet sitting, & pet transport services in Houston. We are bonded, insured, CPR certified, & dedicated to the highest level of professionalism in the city of Houston!

Everybody here is an experienced animal lover, and we offer daytime, weeknights & weekend services to fit any lifestyle. Because we strongly believe that ALL dogs deserve to feel awesome, part of our proceeds go to local dog rescues or directly to a stray dog in need. Give us a call or email today to get started!


Fernanda De Santos

As a youngster, I was always drawn to animals of all varieties. Their energy and personality gave me so much comfort and joy, and the more time I spent with them, the more I wanted to! Even though the animals of my early years were such great friends to me, I couldn’t help but notice the injustices that they often fell subject to.

From those first observations of animal cruelty–by neglect or downright violence–I knew that I could not be another person who refused to do whatever I could to improve the treatment and living conditions of any pet that I come across. It was while walking with my dog Dalhi that I began to realize just how many strays there were in Texas. The numbers of mistreated or abandoned animals began to weigh heavily on my shoulders. It just didn’t seem fair! This soon became one of the most important aspects of my life.

Fifteen years ago, when I got my first job in the service industry, I began investing my money into animal care. I would find animals that needed to be spayed or neutered and would pay for their procedures. Then I would search out homes for them wherever I could–neighbors, shelters, even my own house–anywhere safe. I also worked closely with many low-income families to help them pay for needed vaccinations.

I have love for all animals, but it was Dalhi who helped me develop a special fondness for dogs. He became my best friend during a difficult transition time. The bond we built taught me a lot about unconditional love. The joy that he brought to my life was incredible, and I want to honor his presence by helping as many dogs as I can.

I opened A Dog’s Life HTX as a way to fully dedicate my life to canine health and advocacy. Because I understand that life can get hectic, and that dogs still need exercise, structure, and love, I provide affordable pet care so that I can- in return- help animals in need.

My mission is to save the world one dog at a time.

Have a tail-up, thumbs-up day!


Meet Our Team

"We’re so glad our friends recommended Fern. Our dogs and cats absolutely love her."

Melody Venatta

"Fern treats each fur baby as if it were her own. I rate her the highest possible!"

Tina Stone

"Fern and her team are amazing! My girls just love their walks and they are all about your dog."

Jackie Duncan


Certified, Insured, and Bonded

Everyone at A Dog's Life HTX is an experienced animal lover. We are dedicated to the highest level of professionalism in the city of Houston. Each walker receives leash etiquette and positive reinforcement training to ensure that every pet we serve gets the best care.